Connect YellowCube to your OpenCart shop !

YellowCube offer a delivery system that automate the delivery of your products to customers.

A solution for every logistical need. Only just ordered, but already delivered to the customer.

Save time thanks to automated logistics processes.
Full service for your logistics: store, package, take back.

Extensions features

Full connexion between your eShop and YellowCube. Everything is automated.

Real-time status

See instantanly the statuts of yellowcube for your order.

Instant shipping

Once your customer have order, the shipping is directly done by YellowCube.

Inventory statuts

See instantanly the statuts of both inventory Yellowcube and your eShop.


Set-up all settings to sync with YellowCube.

Multilanguage support

Choose between your preferred language for your YellowCube extension.

Synchronization automated

Synchronization is automated between your eShop and YellowCube.